Not All Sloths Are Slow by Samantha Rapp

book blurb

The story is a simple “day in the life” narration as we watch how these two friends go about their routines in their own individual ways. Sprinkle in some “oops” moments where Speedy Sloth goes a little too fast, and add a dollop of wholesomeness to highlight their similarities in the end. 

lexi’s review 

I discovered Samantha Rapp through her Lord of the Rings fan art. I loved all of her artwork so much, I had to purchase Not All Sloths are Slow and The Truth About Stories. 

I have read Not All Sloths are Slow to my son a couple of times. It’s an easy choice because it’s a short read with cute illustrations. This picture book combines two classic picture book styles: contrasting two different things, and syncing with a child’s bedtime routine.  

One thing I don’t particularly care for about this book is that the speedy sloth is the only one who makes mistakes. I think it would be awesome if this book could show children that there are pros and cons to every personality type. I also find the syntax of the book to be slightly jarring. For these two reasons, I give this book three stars. 

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