Goodnight Leena… Sleep Tight by Baldev Grewal

book blurb

“Goodnight, Leena…Sleep Tight” (a recipient of the prestigious Mom’s Choice Awards) is an empowering, insightful story of a young girl’s journey to understanding the importance of healthy sleep habits.

Leena never goes to sleep on time. Why sleep when she could play her cool new video game instead? Interestingly enough, the main topic for this week in her class is the science of sleep. As she goes through her days feeling crabby and tired, will Leena finally uncover the secret of a good night’s sleep?

Help your children gain knowledge and understanding of the various components of well-being. The Be Well Children’s Books series helps parents inspire and empower their children to take accountability and make choices aligned with their well-being so that they can live their optimal lives. These books also help teachers open a dialogue with their students on various aspects of well-being, which otherwise do not get addressed in school.

lexi’s review

In a sea of bedtime stories, Ms. Grewal’s engaging, educational book stands out! This book teaches children the importance of a good night’s sleep so that they can be happy, well-rested, focused, and successful in their daily life. The book provides examples of personal emotional awareness, wholesome relationships between family members, and healthy apologies between friends. I will plan to read this to my son when he’s in the third grade.

I received an advance review copy for free, and I am leaving this review voluntarily.

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