The Stormy Day by Anna Milbourne

As soon as I saw the cover of this new Usborne book, I knew that I needed to add it to my son’s library. My family has always loved thunderstorms, and I want to continue that tradition. 

The illustrations are beautiful, and the words flow really well for a read-aloud book. Most of the words are in a rhyming format. 

On page 12, the book transitions into teaching children how to count the space in between thunder and lightning to know how near the storm is. I really appreciate this because it gives a grounding technique to cope with their fear, while also teaching them a scientific fact. “Knowledge is power,” and this short board book empowers children to understand and enjoy thunderstorms. 

On page 15, the two children in the book comfort their dog, Lucky, who howls at the storm. I appreciated this because it teaches children to be kind to animals, and because by comforting the dog, the children can also reassure themselves.

Because of the excellent writing, illustrations, and principles, I give this book five stars. I plan to make it a tradition to read this book to my son during thunderstorms. I would highly recommend this book for home libraries and classroom libraries. 

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