The Glass Castle by Jeannette Walls

Jeannette Wall’s story is so out there, I kept forgetting it was a true story each time I picked it up. The way her and her siblings grew up is heartbreaking, admirable and mind blowing all at once.

This book, for me, was about the battle between being disappointed by your parents while also trying to justify all of their actions and find a reason to believe those actions are out of love. How sometimes we are in denial of someone we love letting us down because it’s too painful to admit that they have. This book explores the pressure from the idea that you “should” love someone simply because they are family or because you’ve been told you must. When you have to navigate an unpredictable home life as a young child, still developing a healthy way to process your emotions, it adds to the confusion that already comes with getting older.

Growing up with an absent parent(s), whether physically or emotionally, can be traumatic. The Glass Castle brings this to light in ways I think most people can understand. Thoroughly enjoyed this one, although it was heartbreaking.

I’m honored to have been a guest writer on this lovely blog!


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