Writings in the Wind by Kylee Kosoff

Writings in the Wind is a devotional written by a student from Utah. 

I found this devotional difficult to read for a number of reasons. 

First of all, this book was originally written as blog posts, which the author is now publishing in book format. Unfortunately, she didn’t do a lot of editing or polishing before publishing it as a book. I’m sure that if you had subscribed to her blog, you would appreciate receiving her spiritual musings in your inbox once a week or something like that. However, in a book format, I definitely feel that her spiritual musings are unoriginal, copied from Charles Spurgeon, Billy Graham, or her personal mentors, grandparents, and professors. 

In addition to the formatting and lack of originality, I have some issues with Ms. Kosoff’s eisegesis. For example, she assumes that the biblical figure David was “[ignorant] about what the Bible says about marriage and … moving the Ark [of the covenant]” (page 53). That’s definitely a distinct possibility, but it’s also possible that David willfully disobeyed the Lord in those two areas. 

The author also doesn’t seem particularly stable in her spiritual convictions, as she admits that 2020 shook her faith (page 55) and that she doesn’t have hope (page 59), which begs the question, why should a reader use her spiritual musings to guide their personal devotions? 

Finally, the author’s tone is not always gracious. For example, she says that “it’s stupid to believe in Santa Clause [sic]” (page 58) and implies that children don’t have “big questions, … serious problems, and … real pain” (page 59). 

If you agree with Ms. Kosoff’s spiritual convictions, you might benefit from her devotional writings, but I personally would give this book three stars, for the reasons mentioned above, especially the level of polish and the presence of typos.

Originally posted on Literature Approved

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