Compared by Kortney Keisel

I recently had the joy of reading Compared by Kortney Keisel. I saw it pop up on Instagram with the quote, “Good looks come and go, but being a dependable dad is something that is attractive forever,” and I thought, Yes, I love the good dad trope!

This book did not disappoint. I don’t read very many romantic comedies, but I thoroughly enjoyed this one. It was easy for me to get invested in the characters and storyline, and the alternating POV between Meg and Tyler wasn’t confusing to follow. 

Things I like about this novel: 

  • “clean:” only kissing scenes, no sex scenes
  • wholesome single dad trope
  • characters processing through grief and loss in a relatable
  • a theme of not comparing yourself to others (which we all need to hear, right?) 

Things I dislike about this novel: 

  • Diane’s controlling grandmother vibes bothered me, but it fit really well into the theme of the book. 

As a cherry on top, Ms. Keisel’s writing is really good, in my opinion. I highlighted a few sentences that made me think, Wow, that’s some powerful imagery right there. As an example, Meg says, “I want to roll myself inside this manila folder and squish it into the back of a filing cabinet… like way in the back, where no one can reach.” 

In conclusion, I highly recommend this book to anyone who needs an easy read or who enjoys romantic comedies. I give this book five stars. 

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